Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Look

it's been almost 3 years since my last post and a lot has changed. thanks for all who have continued to drop by. i hope to update this more often.

i'm introducing a new look. just in time for spring. it's simple and i hope you will all like it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer in Canada vs. Summer in the Philippines

some people claim that they prefer summer in the philippines than summer in canada.

what do i think?

summer in the philippines is hot. humid. and sunny. summer in canada is hot. dry. and scorching.

last year when i didn't realize that summer was about to start, i was surprised to see my son come back from school 2 shades darker than when he had left for school.

the sun is so hot in canada that using a sunscreen is absolutely necessary. in fact, i normally start to put on sunscreen on my children towards the end of spring. i put this on them everyday before going to school. if we think we'll be under the sun for a period of time, we always put on sunscreen to protect ourselves from the damage that the sun's rays can do to our skin.

in the philippines, i never felt the need to put on sunscreen. the sun isn't as hot and scorching as it is here. in fact, i think that the only time i do put on sunscreen in the philippines is when we go to swimming. other than that, i don't have much use for it.

one thing that i like better here is that it is not humid. i hate the sticky feeling that summer has in the philippines. as long as i'm in the shade, i think i'd prefer summer here if only to avoid the sticky, icky feeling.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coping with Stress

when a relative of mine found out that we were migrating to canada, she was very adamant that i shouldn't go. she said that life in canada is difficult and that i will not be able to handle the stress.

the stress of being away from my family and friends. the stress of not having any helpers or nannies (yayas as we call them in the philippines). and the stress of doing everything by myself - cooking, dishes, laundry, etc. for someone who doesn't do any household chores, the stress of having to learn everything may be too much to handle.

some people do cope. as we have. and some people don't.

those who have difficulty adjusting find themselves getting stressed out. and this is obviously not good. articles on stress management indicates that constant stress affects our health and our well-being. managing our stress is very important.

if you find yourself being constantly stressed, do take it easy. there is nothing more important than your health. the stress institute offers great stress reduction tips that you should read about. they have prominent physicians and professionals whose expertise in stress management and achieving work/life balance can help you live a stress-free life.

if living in canada stresses you out, the stress institute is just a click away.


got tagged! thank you Live It Up. appreciate it much!

1. what date is it?
:: July 18, 2008

2. what time did you wake up?
:: 9:00am

3. did you go somewhere yesterday?
:: yes went to the drugstore

4. what did you do there?
:: bought OFF for my kids' trip to the woods

5. how old are you?
:: too old!

6. are you mature or immature?
:: hmmm... i can be both!

7. what do you call your mom and dad?
:: mumsy and puffsy... hahaha!

8. are you an only child?
:: nope.

9. where do you go shopping?
:: new jersey! hahaha!

10. do you like school?
:: yes

11. do you like books?
:: yes!

12. do you want to get married?
:: i am married

13. with whom?
:: with hubby

14. are you spoiled?
:: i could be...

15. what's the most flattering compliment you ever got?
:: hmmm...

16. only girl/boy in the family?
:: nope.

17. if you were to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
:: can't think of any

18. would you like to meet Josh Hartnett?
:: not really

19. where do u think ur bestfriend is?
:: in the philippines

20. when was the last time you talked to your bestfriend?
:: this week

21. you think she/he needs you now?
:: not now

23. what do you want for your birthday?
:: a loooooong, relaxing bubble bath

25. if you were to buy a car, which car would it be?
:: i'm not particular with cars. any car with 4 wheels will do.

26. a duet with heart evangelista?
:: uh... anyone else?

27. do you wear make-up?
:: rarely

28. what lip balm do you use?
:: nivea

29. would you get a tattoo?
:: only a henna tattoo for me

30. belly pierce?
:: hahaha! funny...

31. how many kids do you want?
:: 4

32. do you have any homework?
:: yes. tons!

33. any song that you're listening to?
:: none

34. do you believe in spells?
:: no

35. where do you want to go now?
:: my bed! i'm sooo sleepy...

I am now tagging Manilenya, Mariuca, Memories by Jenn, Mommy's Little Corner and My Big Dreams. Enjoy the tag guys!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Allergic Reactions

allergy is something canadians take very seriously. and with good reason too. as reactions to allergies are sometimes fatal.

a lot of the people here in canada are allergic to something. in schools, students are required to bring peanut-free snacks and lunches because a lot of the students are allergic to peanuts. this serves as a preventive measure in the event that the student decides to trade their snack or lunch with someone else.

when friends of my children come over, i also make it a point to ask the parents if their child is allergic to anything. with so many allegies here, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

in comparison, we filipinos tend to take allergies lightly. when someone is allergic to something, more often than not, we encourage him/her to "eat a little" to "cure" the allergy.

i experienced that when i was in college and would go out with friends. despite the fact that i tell my friends i'm allergic to alcohol, i still get the big, encouraging, "come on, just one sip. it will cure your allergy."

my sister, apparently, is allergic to shrimps and i only found out about it recently. i see her eat shrimps all the time. so, imagine my shock when i found out that she's actually allergic to it.

i also have friends in the philippines who are allergic to eggs but would "eat a little" every so often. in the philippines, to "eat a little" is okay and is not deadly. and in some weird cases, it even "cures" the allergy.

in canada, people with allergies do not do that. they do not "eat a little" to "cure" their allergies. it is simply not done. it is dangerous and could even be fatal.

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